German specialist in the field of coating technology. Provides thin film coatings on glass, metal and plastics. Many products are custom specific and developed together with customers.
Prices are very competitive due to sustained investments in new, cost-effective production tools. Its own machinery construction capability gives the company the possibility to coat large
dimensions and symmetrical reflectors.
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Belongs to the Belgian LET group and provides customized solutions for design and production of optomechanical and electromechanical assemblies.
It can also provide turnkey vision systems with its self-developed and in-house build smart camera system, included the lighting part.
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LET Optomechanika

Situated in Prague and also belonging to the LET group, this company can meet your needs for “structured” coatings (metal or dielectric) on glass and plastics.
Also very cost-effective for small and medium size series of glass work.
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This German company has more than 20 tons of optical glass and absorption filters in stock. They can be supplied in blocks, slabs or strips.
Also provider of quartz, fused silica and very thin glass wafers (down to 25 micron thickness).
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